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If you have any concern with the way I play Spock, by all means, hit up this post!

PLEASE NOTE: My knowledge of TOS is limited, but I do try to research as much as possible and I plan on watching the rest of the series.

Anonymous comments are ON, and all comments are screened until I reply to them. Oh, and feel free to kick me if I do something wrong OOCly.

Characters I play: Spock, Flynn Scifo and Damon Salvatore.
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Name: Spock
Age: 26 years old
Blood type: Unknown
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: Normal?
Medical Info: Half-Vulcan, so his physiology is completely different from humans. Is always healthy.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Physical traits: Has pointy ears and upswept eyebrows. Tends to join his hands behind his back when he talks or walks, depending on the situation. Always wears his Federation uniform.

What's Okay To Mention Around Him: Everything is fine. You have to try really, really hard to make him want to strangle you.

Abilities: As a half-Vulcan there are several things he can do. In short: super strength, fast reflexes, telepathic abilities (Vulcans are natural touch-telepaths) and he's able to use the mind meld.

Notes for the Psychics: He can normally protect his thoughts and emotions, so you might want to talk to me beforehand?

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Ask first/Ask first/Yes, but you might get knocked out/Yes, but you might get knocked out/Ask first?

Maim/Murder/Death: Talk to me first.

Kissing/Hugging: He's not single, but you can try?

Cooking: I'm not sure. Maybe.

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Nov. 14th, 2009 06:07 am
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Character name: Spock
Series: Star Trek [2009]
Age: 26
Job: Camp's Logic Consultant
Canon: Mix an enraged Romulan miner with a strong desire of revenge on the Federation and a certain half-Vulcan, plus the possibility of messing up the space/time continuum, and you will end up with the perfect formula to revive an old franchise. This Star Trek reboot focuses on the first mission of the Enterprise's crew as they, despite their inexperience and all their differences, manage to save the universe and set the beginning of a legend.

Meet Spock, first officer of the Enterprise: A human-Vulcan hybrid who chose to join Starfleet over the Vulcan Science Academy. Bullied as a child due to his mixed heritage, Spock grew up particularly conflicted towards that part of himself, and thus he aimed to repress emotions more than gaining control over them. Always relying on logic, he comes out as emotionless and cold to everyone else. However Spock has proved to care enough about his fellow peers and that he is capable of having emotions as much as he desires to imply otherwise. Fairly intelligent and of quick reasoning, Spock is often called some variation of pointy-eared bastard thanks to his know-it-all attitude and nearly sarcastic remarks. Overall, Spock speaks in a very calm, logical manner, and he does not understand slang or colloquialisms.

Sample Post:

I must admit this place is unlike anything I have encountered before. Indeed, I have had the opportunity to study inconceivable human communities from past centuries. However this encampment is the first and only of its kind; I am certain I would recall reading information that resembled such a place. My first observation upon my arrival after considering its particularities was fairly obvious: entrusting me as the local Logic Consultant was most illogical. After all, the previously mentioned position becomes unnecessary the moment logic is proved to be severely . . . lacking, to say the least. Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end. Following that line of thinking, it is elementary to conclude this encampment should not logically exist.

To explain my conclusion, it is only natural to focus on the general architectural structure first, since it does not match Louisiana's current architecture. In fact, it appears to be undeveloped in comparison of Earth's most advanced constructions from our century. It almost appears to be a community lost in time. This particularity offers an illogical contrast against the powerfully advanced barrier surrounding the area, the likes of which I have never seen before. These discrepancies only increase with the inhabitants of this encampment, they seem to have suffered some variation of a necrotic disease. I have to recognize I have had no knowledge of said condition in the past, and I am certain of being familiar with all humanoid diseases from this planet. After a quick observation, it is imperative to say that the barrier could be explained if it was meant to be a permanent quarantine in order to stop the decomposing humanoids from getting out. Leaving the only intelligent part of this community aside, the last indicators are the mutation and alterations of the local flora and fauna. The most outstanding being the most nonsensical alterations I could have ever imagined: such as psychic toucan, the electrical rats, and the tentacle-shaped plants. My preliminary theory without engaging in further observation would be that this area, perhaps, might have been exposed to a still unknown virus that is affecting everything on its path. Despite the unlikeness of this theory, however, it should not be discarded since the lake has also been infected.

Without further ado, Miss Marcy, I would like to politely resign from the position I have been entrusted with. To find logic behind a most illogical place will only prove to be impossible, and I am certain not even alternate realities could explain the improbabilities of this scenario. Besides, I believe the humanoids trapped here are far beyond salvation at this point in time; what they require is proper scientific research in order to find a cure. Should this encampment need a science specialist instead, I am more than qualified and I humbly propose myself for said position. Now, I must admit I am curious as to what gain would they obtain of feeding themselves with brains. It would certainly not aid them in the least nor make them any smarter.

. . . Nonetheless, you must have misunderstood me, and thus I am now in the necessity to decline your proposal. While it is a fact I am of mixed heritage, I do certainly not desire to "explore my horizons."

(( 89.8% with 53/6. ))

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